Chicago Public Sculpture + Architecture Tour  Visit the Chicago Loop as an outdoor museum and experience why Chicago is renown for the quantity and importance of its public sculpture and architecture as well as for the way the two have been seamlessly integrated. 

The Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) The MCA, just steps off of the Magnificent Mile, is one of the world’s largest contemporary art venues. It features a celebrated permanent collection and is consistently lauded for its challenging and relevant special exhibitions highlighting the most important artists of our time.

Gallery District Tours For novices and collectors alike, explore one of Chicago’s sophisticated and vibrant gallery districts. Meet the gallerists and discover the contemporary art that shapes our culture. 

Artist Studio Visits Discover the sites of creative production and meet some of the artists who contribute to Chicago’s vibrant art scene.

Chicago Contemporary Hidden in plain view between the hype of New York and the glamour of LA, Chicago’s contemporary art scene boasts a formidable list of sites for exploring contemporary art of international caliber.

All Chagall in Chicago Walk in the footsteps of Marc Chagall and discover his great affection for Chicago through a close look at his works that grace the city in exciting and surprising spaces.

Photography in Chicago Visit some or all of the following: Chicago galleries, the Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College and the Art Institute of Chicago’s photography collection and special exhibitions.

EXPO or SOFA Enjoy a guided tour of EXPO, the International Exposition of Art that takes place annually in September or visit SOFA, the annual exhibition of Sculptural Objects and Functional Art in November.

University Gems Any combination of the following: the Block Museum at Northwestern University, the Smart Museum, the Renaissance Society and the Logan Center at the University of Chicago, Loyola University Museum of Art, DePaul University Museum and Columbia College Museum of Contemporary Photography.