Cynthia has been featured in numerous journals and publications throughout her career. She is especially proud of the following:

The Art Institute of Chicago’s Member Magazine
Travelista of London’s Luxe Privé
The Scout Guide
Condé Nast’s Baku   

Our group from Fort Worth had a remarkable time experiencing the public sculpture of Chicago. As a city that is growing, seeing the examples in both Chicago’s public and private spaces generated deep and substantial discussion. Cynthia proved to be all that we could have asked for – patient and knowledgeable and willing to engage the hard questions that public art always requires.
— Andrew Walker, Executive Director, Amon Carter Museum of Art, Fort Worth, Texas

Noble Art Tours always exceeds my expectations! I have hired NAT three times for family tours and have been absolutely amazed at her passion, creativity, knowledge, and ability to engage every person, from a 5-year-old to a 65-year-old on the same tour! My 15 and 18 year-old nephews went from polite begrudging to enthusiastic participation in the interactive experience Cynthia created for them. NAT makes art accessible, exciting, and relevant. You will not be disappointed!
— Shannon Clark, Chicago resident

I organized a hugely successful tour led by Cynthia Noble as part of a professional women’s networking group. Cynthia’s passion for art is infectious. She led our group to experience art in a new and exciting way, and the tour allowed us to engage with each other during the tour and afterwards. I highly recommend Noble Art Tours to any affinity group looking for an enriching and fun experience.
— Josie Peacok, CBRE, Inc.

Midlife, I wanted to study an empty experience for me, art. My good luck was to be referred to Cynthia. During private tours of the Art Institute of Chicago, Cynthia explained why one canvas was a neighbor to the next and why one gallery logically flowed into the adjoining gallery. What I learned from Cynthia at the AIC and over time, other Chicago art venues, has made museum visits a succession of stops rather than flybys. I know what I’m looking at, why it’s important and, encouraged by Cynthia to question, where the exhibition curator might have drawn inspiration. Travel, always important to me, has become doubly rich. Because of Cynthia, it includes museums and masterpieces themselves as destinations.
— Amy Carbone